The cities/areas below marked in green Pins, and listed in grid below offer the best coverage when using this service, especially for calls to mobile phones. It is for these areas you will receive local numbers for your family to call you back on.

As you can see, this product has great coverage in México.

The telephone company in México may issue charges to the person you are calling if they are using a regular (non-mobile) phone, or if they are located outside of the coverage areas listed below. We are always expanding our coverage, so please check back here frequently to see what new cities we’ve added.

Major City area code Major City area code
Guadalajara 33 Ciudad de México 55
Monterrey 81 Puebla 222
Aguascalientes 449 Irapuato 462
Toluca 722 Saltillo 844
Nuevo Laredo 867 Huejoztingo 227
Xalapa de Enriquez 228 Veracruz 229
Tehucan 238 San Martin Texmelucan 248
Córdoba 271 Orizaba 272
Querétaro 442 San Luis Potosí 444
Celaya 461 León 477
Acolman 594